Moldova: 20,000 stage anti-govt protest for 8th day, demand probe into missing $1.5 billion

Some 20,000 people are protesting against Moldova's government for the eighth straight day, demanding a probe into the estimated $1.5 billion that disappeared from three Moldovan banks.

Speaking Romanian and Russian, protesters in Chisinau, the capital, on Sunday demanded the resignation of the president, the general prosecutor, the national bank governor and others. They also want an early election and to form a new political party.

The anti-government protest started Sept. 6 when tens of thousands rallied in a pedestrian square. A few hundred protesters remain camped out in the square.

The money disappeared from the state-owned Savings Bank, the Social Bank and Unibank before Moldova's parliamentary election last November. The banks were put under the National Bank of Moldova's administration in December and the losses covered by state reserves.