Modi's suit with its unique monogram-as-pinstripes design raises nearly $700,000 at auction

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dark suit with its unique monogram pinstripes has been auctioned for a whopping sum of nearly $700,000.

Diamond merchant Hitesh Patel, who like Modi is from Gujarat state, made the winning bid of 43 million rupees ($695,000) Friday.

Modi wore the suit at a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in India last month. Photographs of the suit showing Modi's name monogrammed in dull gold stripes went viral on social media.

The money raised in the auction of the suit and hundreds of other gifts received by Modi will be used to clean up the heavily polluted Ganges River.

Gujarat official Milind Toravane said the suit and other items were gifts received by Modi after he became prime minister in May.