Model Chloe Ayling posts nude photo just months after 'Black Death' kidnapping

The British model accused by a lawyer of faking her own kidnapping continues to post scantily-clad and revealing photos on her social media accounts -- just months after she was allegedly lured to Milan for a fake photo shoot and held against her will by "Black Death."

Chloe Ayling, who called the ordeal a “terrifying experience” during a British television interview in August, recently uploaded a fully nude image to her Instagram account. Ayling, however, is turned from the camera, and not all of her body is visible in the black and white snap.


Ayling says she was drugged and held hostage by a group that called itself Black Death after being lured to Milan for a fake photo shoot in July. She said the kidnappers planned to auction her on the dark web to the highest bidder -- unless she paid $355,000 for her freedom.

George Hepburne Scott, the lawyer for 36-year-old suspect Michal Herba, has argued in court that the case might have been made up as part of an elaborate publicity stunt to boost Ayling's career.

The 20-year-old model has maintained her kidnapping was real, saying on Britain’s “This Morning” in August she feared she would be killed and prayed for a “non-painful death.”

Ayling described being drugged, stuffed into a suitcase, transported to an isolated farmhouse and held for almost a week by her captors. The kidnappers allegedly threatened to advertise her as a sex slave or hold her for ransom.

Ayling has also announced she will be writing a book to "expose every little detail for the first time." The book, titled "Six Days," is expected to be released in Spring 2018.

A British judge ruled in late September that Herba should be sent to Italy to face trial. Scott said he would appeal the ruling and that Herba "continues to protest his innocence in the strongest possible terms."


The suspect's brother, Lukasz Herba, is being held in custody in Italy. He also denies any role in the kidnapping.

Italian police say the Polish-born brothers belong to the Black Death group.

Michal Herba was arrested in England on a European Arrest Warrant last month after Italian authorities sought his detention.

Judge Paul Goldspring said there was no reason to think the kidnapping story had been made up.

"I make clear there is no evidence to support it being a sham," he said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.