Miami man trapped under car finds hope in Spanish-speaking 'guardian angel'

(WSVN) - UPDATE: We have found this good Samaritan! Odalkis Hernandez talked briefly with Rosh Lowe. Catch the LoweDown Thursday, June 30 when she is reunited with the man she helped.

It was 20 minutes of panic for a Miami man pinned underneath a car. He was simply trying to help accident victims when he was hit by a car. He was pinned underneath the vehicle — he says — for what felt like an eternity. But that’s only the beginning of this story. Rosh Lowe has the rest in tonight’s edition of the Lowedown.

William Haedo, trapped under car: “I was talking to God and saying I want this to be over. How long are you going to keep me here God?”

William Haedo asked God that question when he was pinned underneath a car on 79th Street in Miami, Tuesday.

William Haedo: “I felt the tire go over my shoulder and over my head. I know what that feels like now.”

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William was driving along when he saw an accident. He got out of his car to help the victims when he was hit by a car. His body becomes trapped underneath that car.

William Haedo: “When the car stops, I am upright. I feel like the undercarriage of the car is right on me. I have no space. I actually felt like there was pressure on my chest. I said, ‘This is it.’ But it was taking so long for me to die is how I felt.”

Miami Fire Rescue on the scene trying to get him out. They had a lot to deal with. There was another good Samaritan who broke his arm trying to help the accident victims.

And then out of nowhere William’s angel arrives. This woman, watch her here as she holds on to William’s hand.

William Haedo: “I don’t know who she is but, she is … she speaks to me in Spanish and she grabbed my hand and I needed that — so bad to feel her hand on my hand. Her hand helped me survive those 20 minutes under the car.”

That’s right — for 20 minutes, this woman helped William hang on.

William Haedo: “If I wouldn’t have that hand, I feel like my life would have ended.”

Rosh Lowe: “I want to show you something. If you look at Willam’s arm you can still see the tire marks. Twenty minutes under a car. William recently lost his job, so he has no health insurance. Any help from the public would be appreciated. But the reason he is sharing his story is that he wants to find his guardian angel — that woman who helped him during the worst moments of his life.”

Rosh Lowe: “If this woman is watching, what would you want to say to her?”

William Haedo: “I would say she was my guardian angel that day. Whatever I have is hers. She saved my life. She gave me hope.”

Eventually, Miami Fire Rescue rescued William, and his angel disappeared.

William Haedo: “I remember her hand letting go of my hand and at that time, I couldn’t see anybody. I just sat there hoping, ‘I want this car off me.'”

William Haedo: “I saw the sky and I was appreciative that the car was off me.”

Grateful for the simple things. William is still recovering. Still in pain. Still with broken bones, but the physical pain eased somewhat by the knowledge that there is good in this world. William himself just wanted to help … and when he needed help … a hand reached out

William Haedo: “All I can tell her is thanks. That woman’s bond will be forever.”

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