Mexican Programmers Bring Their Contest-Winning Start-Up To Silicon Valley

Mexican programmers Edgar Hernandez, Jose Alberto "Beto" Garcia and Abraham Cornejo quit their jobs and bet everything on a dream called Hostspot that has taken them to Silicon Valley.

Hostspot was born at a "hackathon" in Mexico City, where the team won a contest by developing a functioning program which could gauge consumer behavior at stores and restaurants in less than 24 hours.

"The prize was to go and represent (Mexico) in the finals in Silicon Valley, so we decided to bet it all on our start-up, rented an office and got down to work. Abraham quit his job and Beto and I dropped our ventures to focus entirely on Hostspot, and that's how it was born," Hernandez told Efe.

The programmers spent three months raising money after winning the Mexico City stop of the AngelHack competition so they could travel to San Francisco, where the world round of the hackathon took place.

The winners of contests in 40 cities around the world competed for 24 hours in San Francisco, where the Mexican team walked away with the victory and a $25,000 cash prize.

Hernandez, Garcia and Cornejo took their start-up to Silicon Valley and are learning the ropes in the business of tech entrepreneurship.

"Since we arrived, it's been nothing but good things and we have not stopped learning," Hernandez said.

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