Members of self-styled 'Muslim Patrol' jailed for threatening passers-by in London

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Three members of a self-styled "Muslim Patrol" in London who threatened strangers for holding hands, drinking alcohol and other behavior they deemed "un-Islamic" have been sentenced to jail.

Nineteen-year-old Jordan Horner, 26-year-old Ricardo McFarlane and a third man who can't be named for legal reasons pleaded guilty to a variety of charges, including actual bodily harm and affray.

They were sentenced Friday at London's Central Criminal Court to jail terms of between 24 weeks and 17 months.

London's Chief Crown Prosecutor, Baljit Ubhey, said the trio "aggressively intimidated a couple who were holding hands in the street, a group of friends who were drinking alcohol, and a girl whom they deemed to be dressed provocatively."

He said the trio's "bullying behavior" would not be tolerated in London.