Man's body found hanging in apartment after eight years

The new owner of an apartment in a bedroom community near Paris got a nasty shock last week when he discovered the mummified body of the previous owner, which had been hanging in the apartment for eight years.

According to France 24, the new owner discovered the body when he arrived to inspect the apartment with a locksmith this past Friday in the town of  Bussy-Saint-Georges, approximately 20 miles east of the French capital.

"The body was in perfect condition, as was the apartment," a police source was quoted as telling the network. The decedent is believed to have hanged himself with a sheet.

The name of the dead man was not immediately released, but police said he was around 40 years old and was of Cambodian descent. He had not been heard from since 2005, when he had filed a labor complaint to protest his firing from his job as a security guard.

The apartment was eventually repossessed and resold when the man stopped making mortgage payments and covering building costs. It was not immediately clear why no one inspected the apartment during this process, nor was it clear why the body did not decompose.

Neighbors said that they believed the man had returned to Cambodia.

"I thought it was an abandoned apartment," one said, adding in explanation, "Bussy is a commuter suburb, people don't see each other much."

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