Man admits to killing wife and lover on Turkish TV dating show

A man looking for love on a Turkish TV dating show shocked the audience-- and any potential mate-- when he admitted to killing his wife and a former lover.

Sefer Calinak, 62, told the host of Flash TV’s “Luck of the Draw” that he was “an honest person looking for a new wife,” during a taping of the show, Reuters reported. He said that although he murdered his wife and lover, he served prison sentences for each and was let out early due to a government amnesty program.

The Turkish newspaper the Hurriyet Daily News reported that Calinak said on the show that he married his cousin when the two were 17, and after five months her behavior changed and he killed her out of jealousy.

“I served my sentence. I was released after 4 years and 6 months with an amnesty, despite being given a 13 year, 9 month jail term in the first place,” Calinak said on the show, according to the Hurriyet Daily News.

When he got out of prison, Calinak married another woman and had two children, but the two eventually separated. He then had an affair with a married woman who had promised to divorce her husband. When she didn’t keep that promise, the disagreement led to violence.

“I killed her after she attempted to kill me. She was accidently killed when I swung the axe,” he said.

The second murder landed him in prison again, but he was released on another amnesty.

After admitting to the murders on the show, Calinak said he was a victim of “destiny.” The host asked him to leave, prompting applause from the studio audience.