Lawyer says court overturns sexually abuse convictions against 2 teachers at Indonesia school

A lawyer for a Canadian teacher and an Indonesian teaching assistant says a court has overturned their convictions of sexually abusing three young children at an international school in Jakarta.

Neil Bantleman, 45, and Ferdinant Tjiong were convicted in April of violating Indonesia's child protection law and were sentenced to 10 years in jail.

They appealed and their lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, said Friday that the court has overturned both Bantleman and Tjiong's indecency convictions for raping three kindergarten students, now 6 and 7 years old, at the Jakarta International School. It is now called the Jakarta Intercultural School.

The school's principal and other teachers have alleged the case is a blackmail attempt as parents of one of the children are seeking $125 million in compensation.