Jenni Rivera's Fans Hold Memorial Ceremony

Fans of music star Jenni Rivera are mourning her death in east Austin. Many of her listeners gathered at the Cristo Del Rey Church for a special service.

A local Spanish radio station 107.1 organized the service they say after receiving requests from fans.

Many of those fans came wearing Jenni Rivera T-shirts. Following the service there was a candle lighting ceremony to not only mourn but celebrate the artist.

The 43-year-old was killed when the private jet she was on plummeted 28,000 feet into a Mountainous area in Mexico.

Local DJ Armando Ulloa was a personal friend of Rivera and her family. He talked to us about what losing the popular singer means to the Mexican music community.

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"When I first found out my wife and I just looked at each other and we're like are you serious because we both know her and her family and it's devastating," Ulloa said. "With the recent news that she had just signed with a major English network to start recording a sitcom. Her career was about to get huge in the American market."

On Thursday, the singer's remains have been returned to her family in California.

Two Mexican state officers were arrested in connection with stealing items from the crash site and taking pictures of what was supposed to be a secured site.

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