Japanese nuclear agency apologizes after comparing radiation to angry wife

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TOKAIMURA, Japan -- A Japanese nuclear research agency apologized after comparing the behavior of radioactive material to an angry wife during an argument with her husband.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency, located in Tokaimura, central Japan, removed the page from its website after a public outcry over the comparison, Kyodo News reported.

It was using the analogy to explain the difference between radioactive material, radioactivity and radiation.

"Wife's screaming to her husband can be compared to radiation, her agitated state to radioactivity and the wife herself to radioactive material," it said.

A cached version of the page revealed that the agency wanted to provide easy-to-understand information -- especially to women, because they had a "lower level of understanding of nuclear power."

An agency official told Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, "We would like to apologize for creating unpleasant feelings."

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