Italian police arrest daughters of convicted Camorra boss

Italian police have arrested two daughters and a daughter-in-law of jailed Camorra boss Francesco Bidognetti, accused of carrying on the family organized crime business.

Naples prosecutors said Thursday that the three women are accused of Mafia association and are involved in activities including paying salaries to syndicate members, helping the families of jailed mob members financially and legally, and acting as go-betweens for directives from jailed bosses to subordinates outside.

Bidognetti is serving a life-sentence in Acquilla, central Italy, on a murder conviction. He also has been convicted of poisoning the water table in a town near Naples with toxic waste.

His daughter Katia Bidognetti and daughter-in-law Orietta Verso were jailed pending charges. A second daughter, Teresa Bidognetti, is under house arrest because she's pregnant.