ISIS widow blasts terror group in daring open letter

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In a daring open letter that spread online last week, a woman who called herself the widow of an Islamic State terrorist blasted the group for abandoning the families of dead fighters, potentially putting a target on her back.

The letter was signed "al-Muhajirahm," Voice of America reports. It's not clear where she may have written the letter, titled "A Reminder to the Leaders of the Islamic State."

The woman describes an ISIS widow who "cries every night, concerned about how to feed her children as her husband is martyred. The tears that roll down her cheeks and the pain she suffers will be something you will be asked about and accountable for.”

“Such criticism is almost never found in such a widely circulated document,” Anat Agron, a researcher for the Middle East Media Research Institute, responded.

Analysts call the letter a sign of the terror network's blatant hypocrisy. While some women feel they've been left behind, the most recent edition of the Islamic State's online magazine includes an article praising ISIS widows.