Iran's president says Yemen airstrike offensive shows Saudi Arabia's 'mental imbalance'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says a Saudi-led offensive in Yemen was prompted by the Sunni kingdom's failures elsewhere, causing what he called a "mental imbalance."

Speaking to reporters Tuesday before heading to Indonesia, Rouhani mocked Saudi Arabia by calling it a country with dashed dreams in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Rouhani said: "All the failures have accumulated and caused mental and emotional imbalance for that country."

Shiite Iran long has accused Saudi Arabia of supporting Sunni militants, including the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. Saudis accuse Iran of supporting Yemen's Shiite rebels — who overran the capital and later forced the country's Western-backed president into exile.

Tehran and the rebels deny any military links, though the Islamic Republic has provided political and humanitarian support to the Shiite group.