Iran detains 6 suspects on espionage charges in northwest

Iran's state-owned newspaper is reporting that authorities have detained six members of a separatist group on espionage charges in the country's northwest.

Thursday's report by IRAN daily says the suspects gathered "classified military and economic documents" and handed on them to "enemies." It says they were members of the "Gamo" separatist group in East Azerbaijan province.

The paper didn't elaborate how they had access to classified information.

Iran occasionally announces arrest of spies without any further report on their fates.

Separatism has not been predominant among Iran's sizable ethnic Azeri community, though Azeris have been seeking schools in their language and more government investment in their area.

Many Iranian leaders are Azeri or have Azeri roots, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who has final say on all state matters.