Indian Cult Leader Looks to Expand Family of 39 Wives, 94 Children

After marrying 39 women and fathering nearly 100 children, a tribal Christian cult leader in India said he wants to expand his family by walking down the aisle a few more times, the Hindustan Times reported Monday, citing the Indo-Asian News Service.

Zionnghaka Chana, 67, from the eastern city of Mizoram, has 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren.

The family forms part of the "Channa" cult, named after Zionnghaka's father, who had 50 wives.

Zionnghaka said he would like to push toward his father's tally of wives. "I can travel beyond the borders of Mizoram or even India to marry, as that would help me to expand my family," he said.

Other Christian leaders in the region have decried the cult's ways, saying that true Christianity does not allow polygamy.

But Zionnghaka's family members and wives -- who share his bed on a rotational basis -- said they are happy with their lives.

"We are all happy, and like any other church, we believe in the existence of God, but the only distinctive difference is that our denomination allows us to marry more than one wife," according to Nunparliana, one of Zionnghaka's sons.