Herman Cain Draws Ire of Hispanic Conservative Group

A conservative Hispanic group is urging Herman Cain to drop his presidential candidacy after he said the country should secure its border with a 20-foot high, Wall of China-type fence surrounded by a moat filled with alligators.

“It would be a combination of technology and a real fence,” Cain told a crowd in Iowa last month about how he would secure the country’s borders. “It would be about 20 feet high. It would have electrified barbed wire on the top and then on this side of it. It would have a moat the depth of a football field. And yes, Mr. President, it would have alligators in it.”

The comments prompted the group, Somos Republicanos, to call for the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza to end his candidacy.

“His recent comments and lack of practical solutions to solving illegal immigration show he’s not a serious candidate,” said the group, which bills itself as the fastest growing Hispanic Republican group in the nation. “We’re looking for practical and humane solutions, and find Cain’s pandering to xenophobes disgusting.”

Cain, who was served on the board of the Federal Reserve, announced his candidacy in May. Cain has not responded to the group.