Guide placed himself between tourists and charging lion to protect tourists in Zimbabwean park

A Zimbabwean tour group says the guide who was mauled to death by a lion, put himself between tourists and the charging animal when it attacked in the same park where Cecil the Lion once roamed.

The Camp Hwange tour group said Quinn Swales "bore the full brunt of the charge ... placing himself directly in harm's way." The group issued a statement late Tuesday, revealing more details of the attack.

The camp announced on its Facebook page that Swales "did everything he could to successfully protect his guests and ensure their safety, and that no guests were injured in the incident."

Sheley Cox, of African Bush Camps, which owns the camp, called his actions "heroic" and reminiscent of his outstanding guiding skills."

The male lion killed Swales as he led a walking tour through the Hwange National Park on Monday. The park was once home to Cecil, a lion controversially killed by an American trophy hunter in July.

Like Cecil, this lion wears a satellite collar for research.

Zimbabwe's wildlife authority will decide the lion's future after an investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report