Group: Tanzania should probe journalists death

A journalists' watchdog group urged the Tanzanian government to launch an independent probe into the death of a journalist over the weekend who was killed by police, according to witnesses.

Mohamed Keita of the Committee to Protect Journalists late Tuesday condemned the killing of Daudi Mwangosi, of Tanzania's Channel Ten, who witnesses said was beaten to death by police after he confronted them for assaulting a colleague.

Mwangosi was covering an opposition party gathering in Mwololo in central Tanzania. Police clashed with opposition supporters, said the group.

Police attacked Mwangosi after he challenged them for assaulting and arresting Godfrey Mushi, a newspaper reporter, said Keita quoting witnesses. Mwangosi's death is the first work-related fatality of a journalist in Tanzania since the organization started detailed records in 1992, said Keita.