Greece: Former PM Tsipras seeks absolute majority for left-wing Syriza party in early election

Greece's former prime minister says he is seeking an absolute majority for his radical left Syriza party in upcoming early elections, but indicated a coalition government would be formed quickly if no party wins enough parliamentary seats to govern alone.

Alexis Tsipras resigned last month, triggering Sept. 20 elections, barely eight months into his four-year term following a rebellion by Syriza hardliners objecting to his agreement to creditor-demanded tax hikes and spending cuts in return for a third bailout.

Recent opinion polls show Syriza in a dead heat with opposition New Democracy, but with neither winning enough seats to form a government.

During a news conference Monday, Tsipras said if Syriza doesn't win outright, "Greece will be governed because nobody will take the responsibility of leaving the country ungoverned."