Freed Cuban dissidents praise detente with US, pledge to keep pushing for change in country

Cuban dissidents freed as part of a historic detente with the United States are praising the warming of relations and pledging to keep pushing for change inside their country.

Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga, a rapper known as "The Critic," told The Associated Press Tuesday that U.S.-Cuban detente "gives me the strength to keep demanding our rights and freedoms."

Miguel Alberto Ulloa, a 25-year-old Havana man arrested in 2013 for painting anti-government slogans and released under house arrest, said he will stay at home until his sentence ends in two months but that he's "eager to go to the street, speak out, show that I'm dissatisfied."

The U.S.-Cuba deal has divided the Cuban opposition, with some saying it will help their cause and others saying the U.S. didn't win enough concessions.