France's train standoff, through the eyes of striking worker

French train maintenance worker Jonathan Seigneur says President Emmanuel Macron has it all wrong.

Seigneur spoke to The Associated Press about why he's on strike, along with thousands of other workers at national railway SNCF, to protest Macron's changes to the rail sector.

Seigneur fixes trains for a modest salary that he accepted in exchange for job guarantees. He says he wants to protect "the idea of public service" and the French lifestyle from American-style job insecurity.

Macron argues that worker protections stifle growth. Seigneur argues that job security encourages people to spend money and boost the economy.

Seigneur and other SNCF workers are on strike Tuesday, the 10th time this month. Air France workers are also striking Tuesday, in a season of worker discontent at Macron's reforms and other issues.