Flipboard, the online and mobile app content aggregator, is tapping into the United States’ fastest growing demographic group: Latinos.

The company kicked off on Tuesday a new U.S. Latino content guide in which people will be able to find publications and popular news sources geared towards Hispanic readers.

At the same time, Flipboard initiated new partnerships with some of the country’s leading Latino publications, including CNN en Español, Fox News Latino, Huffington Post Latino Voices, and CNET en Español.

“Nearly 15 percent of our Flipboard readers in the United States prefer receiving content in Spanish, and there are many more Hispanics who read Flipboard in English,” Joe Kutchera, head of Hispanic partnerships for the company, observed in a statement. “Our curators in Miami, in collaboration with our editorial team in Palo Alto, have put together a custom Latino Content Guide for this vast group of readers.”

The editorial content will include tech, news, fashion and lifestyle.

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    In addition, Esquire Latinoamerica, Milenio, Excelsior and Variety Latino will be working with Flipboard to feature photos and stories on the multimedia platform.

    Prominent Latino personalities will be curating magazines to be included in the content guide such as CNN en Español’s Ismael Cala, who will base the magazine on his show and what he is reading. Technology expert and analyst Ariel Coro, Univision news anchor Leon Krauze, Chef Pepín and Ana Flores, author of “Bilingual is Better,” will produce magazines featured on Flipboard.

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