Father, 6-Year-Old Child, & Dog Found Dead Inside Van in Murder Suicide

A distraught man took the life of his 6-year-old daughter, her dog and his own.

The bodies were discovered by school kids, Thursday morning, in a van parked inside a Davie neighborhood.

The man was identified by the Davie Police Department as 30-year-old Paul Andrade. He is accused of parking his van in front of his ex-wife's house and hooking the exhaust from the engine to pump poisonous gas into the vehicle.

Davie Police Department Captain Dale Engle said, "The father had overnight visitation last night with his daughter, Amira, who was 6 years old. At some point during the evening or some time during overnight hours, the father with the child returned to the mother's residence here in Davie. He attached a hose to the exhaust of the van, put the hose inside the van and they must have fallen asleep."

Andrade's ex-wife was overcome with grief and had to be transported by police after discovering the bodies. "His ex-wife had recently remarried within the last month or so. It's thought this was his way of getting back at her," said Engle.

Officials found a suicide note inside the car where Andrade said his reason for the murder-suicide was the recent remarriage of his ex-wife.

One of the woman's neighbors said, "About 6:30 in the morning we heard a whole bunch of screaming. It seemed like she was saying, 'Help, help, help,' and then me and my boyfriend ran outside and just seeing her going crazy just screaming out for help."

The mother's identity has not been released. Yje

The Miami Herald is reporting Andrade, an Ecuadorian immigrant enrolled in adult education courses at McFatter Technical Center in Davie, seemed to be planning a future career as an air-conditioning repairman. The newspaper stated the ex-wife is Vicky Paredes.

Leila Lacharite told the publication she was walking her dog at about 6:30AM when she heard screams. She followed them and found a distraught woman holding a little girl wearing pink pajamas. Lacharite, a 33-year-old certified nurse assistant, said she checked the girl’s pulse, but found none. She also administered CPR.

“I knew she was gone when I went to pull her jaw down and noticed it was already stiffening,” said Lacharite. “I did everything that I was taught to do. She had been dead for two to three hours. She didn’t have any lacerations. She looked peaceful.”

“Inside the van were magic markers, a kite and crayons, a little girl’s handbag and two beige boots, along with water bottles, candy and several cans of Bud Light margarita,” stated the Miami Herald.

Yoelia Maldonado, an immigrant from Guatemala, said many of the local residents are farm workers.

“Christmas is already a sad time for a lot of them who are away from their families, and now this,” said the 20-year-old. “My 2-year-old daughter is in Guatemala. I couldn’t imagine losing her that way.”

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