English Boy Scouts Take on New Role as Traffic Cops

Speeding motorists at two traffic stops in Warwickshire, England, might be surprised when they are pulled over and get warnings about their misbehavior -- from Boy Scouts.

Members of the 1st Shipston Scout pack now have a new distinction to add to their service: the community challenge badge, which is earned by fulfilling duties as a traffic cop, the Daily Mail reports.

After being instructed for two hours last Friday on how to operate a laser gun, the boys assisted three police officers and community support officers in pulling over 24 motorists who were exceeding the 30 mph limit.

All the offenders decided to accept a verbal and written warning about speeding – delivered by the scouts – as opposed to a penalty fee of £60 ($71) and three points on their license.

However, a spokesman from the Association of British Drivers was not amused.

“By all means go into schools and teach children about road safety, but don’t use them like this,” he said to The Daily Mail.

But Russell Brian, a police community support officer involved in the project, lauded the boys’ efforts.

“One of the drivers was so disappointed with himself for speeding he insisted on the scouts giving him as severe a rollicking as possible," he said.

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