Endangered species: Greek animal charity says orphan seal Andriana is expected to survive

An animal charity in Greece says an orphaned baby seal from an endangered species is likely to survive after receiving 25 days of treatment at a zoo near Athens.

One-month-old Mediterranean monk seal Andriana was found in November on the Aegean Sea island of Skopelos, critically ill after being separated from her mother for at least five days.

Marianna Psaradellis, rescue coordinator at the Athens-based seal protection organization MOm, told the AP Thursday that Andriana had responded well to medication and gained weight. She is to be released in a protected marine park on the island of Alonissos in March, fitted with a satellite tracker.

MOm says 600 seals of the species remain alive, most in Greece.



Hellenic Society for Study and Protection of Monk Seals: http://www.mom.gr