Dominican Republic's attorney general hopes Vatican court finds ex-envoy guilty of sex abuse

The attorney general of the Dominican Republic says he hopes the Vatican's former ambassador to the Caribbean nation is convicted of charges that he sexually abused young boys.

The Holy See announced Monday that Jozef Wesolowski has been indicted on charges of sexually abusing Dominican boys and having child pornography on his computer.

Wesolowski will stand trial next month in a Vatican criminal court, the first time such a high-ranking Vatican official has been tried on sex abuse charges.

On Tuesday, Dominican Attorney General Francisco Dominguez Brito said the purported victims need justice. The Wesolowski case has, in his words, "deeply hurt our society, and there must be a decision that conforms with this fact."

The Polish-born Wesolowski was recalled by the Vatican in 2013. He has since been defrocked.