'Desnuda' topless lady from Times Square busted for prostitution, drug possession

One of the nude women who work in Times Square alongside a gaggle of Mickey Mouses and Spider-Men was arrested Wednesday night and charged with drug possession and prostitution.

The topless woman, 20-year-old Destiny Romero, allegedly sold $200 worth of drugs to an undercover cop. According to police, she then offered to perform a sex act on him for another $200.

Also on Wednesday night, police say two other so-called “desnudas” who expose themselves for cash on Times Square, a major New York City attraction, were attacked by a tourist who claimed one of them had stolen his wallet.

Lourdes Carrasquillo, 20, said he was outside a store on Broadway Avenue when 46-year-old Mark Walters held her by the hair and pushed her to the ground. When her friend Maria Ruiz approached to intervene, the tourist from South Carolina allegedly hit her on the head.

A nearby police officer was made aware of the situation and arrested the man, who was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault. No wallet was ever found.

The semi-naked ladies were transferred to a local hospital for medical attention.

According to the New York Post, both Ruiz and Carrasquillo were busted in July for assaulting each other, while Romero has five prior arrests.

The women have been at the center of controversy because the mayor wants to ban them from Times Square.

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