Cyprus activists protest Turkey's planned nuclear plant

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Greek and Turkish Cypriot activists have formed a human chain across Cyprus' ethnic divide to protest Turkey's planned nuclear power station, which they say poses real dangers to the nearby east Mediterranean island.

About 100 activists linked arms Wednesday across the 70-meter U.N.-controlled buffer zone between the breakaway Turkish Cypriot north and the internationally recognized south in the medieval heart of the capital, Nicosia.

Turkey plans to build the Russian-made plant in Akkuyu, 56 miles (90 kilometers) from Cyprus' northern shoreline.

Turkish Cypriot activist Murat Kanatli told the Associated Press there are serious concerns about nuclear waste disposal, the nuclear plant's impact on marine life as well as its vulnerability to regional seismic activity.

He said Turkey's current political turbulence and the specter of terrorism adds to those concerns.