City rents lodgings for parents of Poland's first sextuplets

The city of Krakow has rented a two-bedroom apartment for the parents of Poland's first sextuplets, to help them stay close to the hospitalized babies.

The four girls and two boys, believed to be Poland's first ever sextuplets, were born May 20, in the pregnancy's 29th week, through cesarean section at Krakow's University Hospital. They were placed in incubators to assist their development and are expected to remain hospitalized for some three months.

To save the parents and their 2½-year-old son hours of daily drives from their home in Tylmanowa, in the south, Krakow authorities have rented and are paying for a fully equipped apartment for them near the hospital, until the family can return home.

The babies, Filip,Tymon, Zosia, Kaja, Malwina and Nela, were also given layettes bearing the city's symbols.