Captain of Juarez-El Paso Barrio Azteca gang, wanted by FBI, is arrested

A high ranking member of the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez Barrio Azteca Gang and one of the FBI’s ten most wanted, was arrested on Tuesday.

Eduardo Ravelo, also known as “Tablas” was arrested in Michoacan, Mexico, thanks to leads from the FBI in El Paso and the El Paso Safe Streets Gang Taskforce, FBI officials said.

He was wanted for his involvement in the murders of U.S. consulate employee Lesley Ann Enriquez Catton and her husband, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office employee Arthur Redelfs, and the murder of Jorge Alberto Salcido Ceniceros, the husband of another U.S. consulate worker. They were gunned down in Juarez on March 13, 2010.

According to the FBI, Ravelo held the rank of “Capo,” the highest rank available for the Barrio Azteca Gang.

Ravelo is reportedly responsible for giving orders to Barrio Azteca gang members in Juarez.

He is also accused of acting as a hitman along with other gang members for the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes drug trafficking organization, the FBI said.

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