Bosnian most-wanted fugitive shot dead after massive manhunt

Authorities in Bosnia say the country's most-wanted fugitive - the suspect in the slayings of a police officer and another person - has been shot and killed after a huge manhunt.

Police said Edin Gacic died after a shootout with police near Sarajevo on Tuesday. A policeman was wounded in the clash.

Gacic is suspected of killing a grocery store owner and the police officer last week. Investigators haven't established a motive.

The killings triggered panic in Bosnia.

The 42-year-old served two prison sentences for murder but was released in 2017 after serving two-thirds of the 20-year term. His victims were his mother and a man who served with a battalion of Muslim volunteers during Bosnia's 1992-95 war.

Police had offered 25,000 euros ($28,000) for information on Gacic's whereabouts.