Bosniaks prevent Serb authorities from destroying house where 53 people were killed in 1992

Bosnian Serb authorities have postponed plans to demolish a house where Serb soldiers had burnt alive 53 Bosniak civilians at the start of Bosnia's 1992-95 war.

Victims' families had gathered outside the house in the eastern town of Visegrad on Tuesday, forcing the authorities to delay the plan.

Bosniaks say the plan to destroy the house in order to make space for a nearby road by the town's Serb authorities was an attempt to destroy a crime scene and erase a memory of it.

Following a bitter three year war, the country was divided into a Bosnian Serb republic and a Bosniak-Croat federation.

The crime in Visegrad was among the first carried out by Serb forces on local Muslim Bosniak population.