Bosnia charges with war crimes 10 Serb ex-soldiers arrested in joint probe

Prosecutors in Bosnia have charged 10 former Bosnian Serb soldiers with war crimes over the killing of 20 civilians during the 1990s Balkans conflict.

The suspects were arrested last December in the first such operation jointly conducted by Serbia and Bosnia.

Serbia arrested five and Bosnia 10 former Bosnian Serb soldiers who allegedly killed 20 people after snatching them off a train that was passing through the Bosnian village of Strpci in 1993. Serbia charged the suspects it arrested two months ago.

A statement from the Bosnian prosecutor's office Monday said the charges were the result of "intense and good" cooperation between the two countries.

Serbia supported Bosnian Serb forces during the Bosnia's 1992-95 war and for two decades rejected Bosnia's accusations against ethnic Serb suspects hiding on its territory.