ROME -- Just in time for Christmas, an album of Neapolitan love songs written by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is about to warble its way onto the airwaves, ANSA news agency reported.

The CD entitled "Il Vero Amore" (The True Love), will be released November 22 featuring songs written by Berlusconi, a former cruise-ship singer, and performed by the singer Mariano Apicella.

Berlusconi has not had much to croon about lately, given that he resigned under pressure last Saturday to make way for a new government amid a national debt crisis.

ANSA reported there was speculation the album, originally scheduled for September release, had been deliberately delayed for political reasons.

But Apicella said that was "nonsense" and the delay was "purely for technical reasons."

The new CD represents the fourth collaboration between Berlusconi and Apicella.