Berlin school forced to install 'anti-prostitute fence' because of 'sordid behavior' in schoolyard

A Berlin school reportedly has built a 400-foot long, $67,000 fence to protect its students from an unusual threat: groups of “filthy” prostitutes.

Officials at Französisches Gymnasium high school, which lies near the center of the city’s prostitution scene, decided to build the 5-feet-11-inch fence after discarded condoms, syringes and excrement were routinely found on school grounds, USA Today reported.

"There were always complaints about unscrupulous characters, including prostitutes, walking shamelessly and illegally into school grounds even during the day," district school inspector Carsten Spallek told the Berliner Zeitung on Tuesday.

A district coordinator said each morning women are driven to the area and let out often right in front of the school. Other educational facilities have complained of the same issue.

“The prostitutes eat, stand, drink and litter. It looks filthy in the late evening," Michael Klinnert told Berliner Zeitung, according to USA Today.

Prostitution was legalized in Germany in 2002 in cities with more than 50,000 residents. Locals have largely welcomed the fence, German media reported.

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