'Bedroom dealer' gets jail time for running massive drug smuggling business out of mother's apartment

A 20-year-old German man dubbed the “bedroom dealer” – who ran a multi-million dollar drug smuggling business out his mother’s apartment – has been sentenced to seven years in juvenile detention.

The man, identified only as Maximilian S., sold hashish, ecstasy tablets, cocaine, LSD and prescription pills over the Internet, The Local reports. He was sentenced Monday in Leipzig.

Norbert Goebel, presiding judge at the Saxony state high court, said Maximilian S. had been engaging in "highly criminal activity" since late 2013 and had "flogged almost a ton of narcotics."

A police raid on the apartment in February netted nearly 700 pounds of illegal drugs which were shipped out via mail delivery. Authorities said he had raked in around $4.3 million in sales, but have not determined yet who his supplier is, The Local reports.

During the trial, his 48-year-old mother described her son as a one-time “wild child” who had barred her from his bedroom for two years.

Maximilian S. concealed the operation by using IP addresses throughout Germany to conduct his sales, encrypted his emails, took payment using Bitcoin and hid his cash in bank accounts that were opened up under fake identities, The Local reports.

He was caught after police found a package with drugs left in the hallway outside a customer’s apartment. The package was opened by neighbors, who alerted police, according to the German newspaper Bild.

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