Ax-throwing club wants a liquor license

Organizers of a special ax-throwing league in Canada say they'd like to make the experience even more fun -- by getting a license to serve alcohol.

As the Toronto Star asked, "What could possibly go wrong?"

The Backyard Axe-Throwing League brought in a safety expert to its six locations in Ontario within recent months, the newspaper reported. “We received glowing reviews on the safety to go ahead with the application for the liquor license,” CEO Matt Wilson said.

But until liquor gets the OK, people who want to stop by and hurl axes around will have to quench their thirst with non-alcoholic beverages they bring from home.

Wilson emphasized the club's near-spotless safety record. “In 2014, we had 100,000 new visitors... Nothing has ever happened to any of the guests while throwing the axes.” He told the newspaper that ax throwers sign waivers, and plenty of trainers are on hand.

Over the past five years, the worst injuries were just a few cuts to the hand that came when staffers were sharpening axes, Wilson said.

The league is confident that ax throwers will be able to safely booze it up by the end of the summer. “We want people to leave with a smile, and we’re excited for the upcoming change,” Wilson said.

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