Austrian right-wing author sentenced to additional 2-year prison term

VIENNA (AP) — A jailed right-wing Austrian author has been found guilty of violating a prohibition on glorifying Nazi ideology and sentenced to an additional two years in prison.

Gerd Honsik is already serving a four-year term, which began last year after he was found guilty of "Wiederbetaetigung" — "re-engaging" in Nazi-era beliefs. The crime is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

The previous sentence was for articles Honsik wrote in a right-wing publication praising the Nazi era. The judgment and sentence pronounced Thursday arose from two books by him that contained similar pro-Hitler and anti Jewish sentiments.

Honsik's lawyer said he would appeal. Austrian authorities enacted a law in 1992 making it a crime to deny the Holocaust or promote Nazi propaganda.