Audit finds UN deficiencies linked to alleged bribery case

An internal audit has found important deficiencies and lapses in the U.N.'s involvement with two foundations and several non-governmental organizations linked to an alleged bribery case involving former General Assembly President John Ashe.

The audit by the Office of Internal Oversight Services obtained early Monday by The Associated Press said the U.N.'s failure to check out certain NGOs before dealing with them put the United Nations' "integrity, independence and impartiality" at risk.

The office gave the U.N. Secretariat a "partially satisfactory" overall result in complying with U.N. policies and procedures, explaining that this means that "important — but not critical or pervasive — deficiencies exist."

Ashe is accused by U.S. federal authorities of turning the assembly presidency into a "platform for profit" by accepting over $1 million in bribes.