After attack on capital, C. African Republic Christian militias seek to overthrow president

Christian militiamen and a former officer in Central African Republic's national army say they are working together to topple rebel leader-turned-President Michel Djotodia, who took power in a March 2013 coup.

The AP made contact with anti-balaka militiamen Sunday through an intermediary. Militia leader Richard Bejouane says "we are revolting so that Djotodia and his fighters leave, and the country can live in peace."

The anti-balaka are working in tandem with members of the national army. Former army officer Alfred Rombhot says some 2,000 men are ready to fight Djotodia's forces with everything from machetes to poisoned bows-and-arrows.

The collaboration is evidence that the opposition movement is growing. It could set the stage for a protracted sectarian conflict even as 1,600 French troops on the ground try to secure peace.