9 Serb paramilitaries jailed for massacre of ethnic Albanian civilians during Kosovo war

Serbia's war crimes court has found nine former Serb paramilitaries guilty for the killings of over 100 ethnic Albanian civilians during the Kosovo war. They were sentenced Tuesday to between two and 20 years in prison.

The crime by the "Jackals" paramilitary group includes the massacre of 41 people in the Kosovo village of Cuska where Serbs rounded up villagers, robbed them, separated women and children from men, locked the men in a house and set it on fire.

The crime in Cuska was one of the most brutal of the 1998-99 conflict that killed 10,000 people after independence-seeking Kosovo Albanians rebelled against Serbian rule.

War crimes trials in Serbia are part of efforts by authorities to deal with the wartime past as the state seeks EU membership.