2 more Germans with ties to doomsday sect ordered to prison in Dominican Republic

A judge in the Dominican Republic has ordered two more German members of a doomsday sect to jail after police accused them of participating in a deadly shootout.

Daniel Brunck joins his father Peter Brunck in a yearlong preventive detention while police investigate. Forty-six-year-old Isabella Dietrich faces three months.

Peter Brunck is the apparent leader of a sect called the "Academy for Future Health."

Police said late Thursday that Dietrich was the girlfriend of Peter Demetrick, who was killed during Wednesday's gunbattle at an upscale house in Sosua.

The shooting occurred during a police raid after neighbors complained about hearing shots at the house, which has an indoor shooting range. They confiscated weapons including grenades and crossbows. Brunck denied they were his during a preliminary court hearing.