Wife of Beaten Rangers Fan: Bystanders Should've Called 911

The wife of a Rangers fan beaten by rival Flyers fans outside a steakhouse in Philadelphia after Monday's Winter Classic hit out at bystanders for not calling 911 during the brawl, myFOXphilly reported Friday.

Video footage released by Philadelphia police showed off-duty New Jersey cop Neal Auricchio and a friend being thrown to the floor and repeatedly punched by three men in Flyers jerseys in front of a crowd of hockey fans.

Maria Auricchio said she cannot believe that none of the surrounding fans alerted the authorities.

"I haven't looked at the video. I just can't stomach it," she said. "I think I'm most upset about the fact that there was so many people around and nobody called 911 for help."

Instead, the locals outside Geno's Steaks in South Philadelphia appeared to be cheering the fight on.

"They videotaped it, but nobody called for help," Maria Auricchio said. "And that bothers me."

She said her husband, an Iraq war veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart after being shot, later returned to her and their newborn son in a bad state.

"When he had gotten home there, there was just blood on his face," she said. "I couldn't really tell if there were cuts or anything. He went to the hospital and he did get stitches in his right cheek and in his head."

Philadelphia police released the doctored YouTube video in an appeal for someone to come forward to identify the Flyers fans. Neal Auricchio's Woodbridge, N.J., police colleagues were also investigating.

A Flyers fan named Edward Leary posted a Facebook message Wednesday apparently boasting that he and his friends were responsible for the attack, before later deleting his account.

He later blamed the incident on his friends, identifying three by name, but claimed the Rangers fans instigated the fight.