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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s still up in the air if New York City Marathon will happen in November.

One of Manhattan’s top fitness trainers, however, is gearing up for all of its 26.2 miles in a very unique way.


Devon Levesque, a partner in the high-end training facility Performix House in New York City, is training to do the marathon in a bear crawl where he will run on his hands and feet.

He told Fox News: “Bear crawl is a full body exercise where you walk on your hands and feet. It takes a lot of core, quad, and shoulder strength since all of your weight is on your hands, and your toes and back are parallel to the ground.”

He’s like "Fight Club," in 2020, without the anarchy.

He trains 10 miles a week on all fours, and he said he thinks it will take 24 hours to finish the grueling race.

Levesque, who has spent his life being the fast one, is doing the marathon to raise money for the organization that helps veterans nationally find renewed purpose and employment through fitness and address the alarming veteran suicide issue.

The FitOps Foundation, a nonprofit all-expense paid training camp that uses the power of fitness to transform the lives of veteran men and women, gives them hope and purpose after serving their country. Participants graduate with a personal-training certification, business management skills, and a lifelong support network and community.

“When I found out about FitOps and how they were working with these heroic veterans who have made it through war but were struggling back at home, I made it my mission to get involved. My goal in bear crawling a marathon is to raise enough money to sponsor veterans and put them through FitOps camp and help them reach their goals,” the 27-year-old said.


He’s looking to raise $500,000, and he’s throwing in $15,000 of his own money.

“Mental health awareness is something I am very passionate about; when I was 16 years old my father committed suicide. At a young age I realized the importance of keeping both the mind and body healthy and have always made it a point to focus on both while training,” he told Fox News.