Missouri police search for suspects in brutal beating caught on tape

A disturbing video released to the public in Springfield, Mo., this week shows a young couple being assaulted by a group of men who attacked them from behind in an alley.

Springfield Police posted the video on YouTube. They are asking for help in identifying the suspects and witnesses.

The violent attack took place Aug. 22 near the Outland Ballroom after a rap concert. News reports said the victims were Meredith Cole and her boyfriend Alex Vessey, who was working at the club as a DJ.

"They just turned around and attacked Alex," Cole told Fox 2 Now in St. Louis Friday.

Vessey also described the attack. "As soon as we started walking that way about halfway down they jumped on top of me," he told the station. "She tried to get them off me and they assaulted her too."

Cole said she wants justice. "Hopefully they will get arrest and they're not going to do that to anybody else," she said.

The Springfield Police Department police told the Springfield News-Leader that Vessey was upset with a group of males for allegedly "disrespecting his girlfriend." The department said the couple sustained serious injuries in the attack.