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Developing now, Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

  • Florida high school shooting: At least 17 killed, suspect in custody, Florida sheriff says
  • Suspected gunmen Nikolas Cruz opened fire in Florida high school then fled with students, police say
  • Florida high school football coach reportedly shot while shielding students from gunman
  • Shock claim about FBI's Michael Flynn interview raises questions
  • Barstool Sports co-host Patrick Connor fired by KNBR after calling Olympian a 'hot piece'

THE LEAD STORY –FLORIDA SCHOOL SHOOTING AMONG 10 DEADLIEST IN MODERN US HISTORY: A shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, killed at least 17 people, stunning the town and much of the nation, as investigators raced to find a possible motive behind the bloodbath … The suspect was identified as 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who'd been expelled for disciplinary reasons, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed during an evening news conference. Sen. Bill Nelson told Fox News that Cruz was wearing a gas mask and may have had smoke bombs during the rampage. The suspect carried an AR-15 rifle and had "countless magazines," the sheriff said.

Of the 17 people killed, 12 of them died in the school, two were killed outside, one died on the street and another two died at the hospital, Israel said. He added that 15 people were transported to the hospital. Israel said earlier that the suspect was taken into custody "without incident" in an area off school grounds.

HIDDEN IN THE CROWD: Nikolas Cruz opened fire in Florida high school then fled with students, police say … Cruz concealed himself in the crowd and was seen running out of the school with hundreds of terrified students, authorities said. Authorities said Cruz was later taken into custody “without incident” by Coconut Creek police in a Coral Springs neighborhood, located just a few miles from the high school itself. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said Cruz, 19, was identified as the only possible gunman after looking at security footage from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Police said Cruz was taken to the hospital because he “exhibited labored breathing.” He was later seen being escorted into Broward Sheriff's headquarters in a medical robe. The motive behind the massacre was not immediately clear. Lawmakers and officials suggested the shooting may have been planned.

FLORIDA SCHOOL SHOOTING HERO: As an ex-student at a Florida high school allegedly opened fire Wednesday on his former classmates, a football coach at the school reportedly risked his own life to save those around him … Coach Aaron Feis, employed as a security guard at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, jumped in front of students to protect them from the gunman, according to the Miami Herald. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said that a football coach died in the shooting. It’s unclear if Feis is that coach. Students and players took to social media Wednesday to express their gratitude and concern for the football coach. Feis graduated the school in 1999, and in 2002 joined the junior varsity football team as head coach, according to a bio posted to the school’s website.

NEW CLAIM SPARKS QUESTIONS ABOUT MICHAEL FLYNN’S INTERVIEW: Then-FBI Director James Comey reportedly told lawmakers last March that agents did not think former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn lied to them -- raising more questions about a key moment in the agency's Russia probe … The Washington Examiner’s Byron York reports that Comey briefed lawmakers amid allegations Flynn had lied to Vice President Pence about conversations with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and speculation he also may have misled FBI agents who questioned him in January 2017. Flynn lost his job over that controversy -- and as recently as December, even President Trump claimed Flynn had "lied" to agents. But Comey reportedly told lawmakers at the time that agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe he lied to them in that Jan. 24 meeting, and that any inaccuracies in his account were unintentional. Fast-forward to December, after the probe takeover by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and Flynn would plead guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI during that meeting.

So what changed? The Examiner reported that those briefed by Comey are now “baffled by the turn of events.” The revelation is likely to increase the scrutiny of Mueller, whose team already has faced accusations of bias in the wake of anti-Trump text messages from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page -- two FBI officials who once served on his team.


‘It's a Bad Day, Shepard’: "Our heart goes out to the families of the students of the school. They're grieving," Florida Sen. Bill Nelson told "Shepard Smith Reporting" on Wednesday in the wake of the mass school shooting in his home state. WATCH

FLORIDA SHOOTER’S TEACHER SPEAKS OUT: "Oh, wow, I had Nick in class," Jim Gard, a mathematics teacher who taught Parkland, Fla. school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz for one semester in 2016, remembered thinking to himself while on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” "Am I shocked? Nowadays, nothing is shocking anymore, and that's horrible," he said. WATCH.


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1564: Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa.

1898: More than 260 crew members aboard the U.S. battleship Maine died after the ship mysteriously blew up in Havana Harbor, bringing the United States closer to war with Spain.

1933: President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt escaped an assassination attempt in Miami that mortally wounded Chicago Mayor Anton J. Cermak.

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