Detroit-area man had 'ton of motive' to want wife dead, prosecutor says in salacious trial

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A prosecutor says a suburban Detroit man had plenty of motives to arrange his wife's murder while he was having affairs and exploring bondage and masochism with other women.

Prosecutors made their final arguments Thursday, but the jury won't start deliberating until the judge and lawyers iron out the final instructions.

A handyman says he strangled Jane Bashara at her Grosse Pointe Park home in 2012.

There's no dispute that the 56-year-old Bob Bashara was having an affair. Prosecutors say he wanted his wife out of the way so he could pursue a new life with other women. The women referred to him as "Master Bob."

Prosecutor Rob Moran says there's a "ton of motive" for him to want his wife dead. Bashara's attorney says that's not the case as he could have continued his affairs without having his wife killed.