We knew that travel is good for the soul, but a recent study shows that it actually helps people live longer.

The Global Commission on Aging, the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, and the U.S. Travel Association conducted a poll and found that travel, especially for retirees, prevents dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

According to the findings, women who vacationed every six years or less had a significantly higher risk of developing a heart attack or coronary death compared with women who vacationed at least twice a year.

Men who did not take an annual vacation were shown to have a 20 percent higher risk of death and about a 30 percent greater risk of death from heart disease.

Also, the study showed that travel improves mood, showing that 86 percent of those who travel are satisfied with their outlook on life.  This compared with 75 percent of those who do not travel.

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So what are you waiting for. Book that trip, no matter what age, because breaking from your daily routine is good for your health.  Now we just have the science to back it up.

For more on brain health and travel, check out this video.

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