Qualcomm SpeedBoost to Supercharge New 802.11ac Wi-Fi Routers

Having several Web-connected wireless devices in your home can seriously impact Web speeds. Games can lag, videos can freeze and websites can take forever to load. Qualcomm is looking to change all of that with its new Speedboost router technology, which will find a home inside new 802.11ac routers from Alienware and D-Link being shown at CES 2013.

Routers with Qualcomm's  VIVE 802.11ac chip inside are already rated to provide a whopping 1.3 Gbps of Wi-Fi capacity, but Speedboost goes a step further. The technology can automatically provide each device on your network with the bandwidth it needs. So if you're playing online games, your connection will get a larger portion of the network's bandwidth than someone who's surfing the web on a tablet.

SpeedBo0st-enabled devices will offer an opt-in, cloud-based service that identifies new devices and automatically manages their bandwidth. You'll also be able to view all of their connected devices and the amount of bandwidth they are using to see which devices are bandwidth hogs and which aren't.

We can't wait to see just how fast (and smart) next-fen 802.11ac routers will get. Stay tuned for hands-on impressions at CES.